Gas Piping/ Gas Line Installation/ Hookups

Do you have old rusty, leaky pipes that need to be replaced? Maybe you're doing a remodel and would like to add gas appliances or an outdoor kitchen, or gas fire-pit. We can help with all of your gas piping needs. Give Gas Monkey, LLC a call today. We proudly service a broad range of cities and counties near the Huntsville, AL area including Madison County, Huntsville County, and Gurley Alabama. We travel to clients North of the Alabama line all the way to those South of Guntersville.

Whether it's a major involved repair that needs to be resolved quickly, or you're looking to install brand new gas lines for your stove, fireplace, or more. We are the one-stop-shop for your gas piping and plumbing needs, including complete commercial and residential gas line installation and gas line repair from start to finish. For residents of Huntsville and beyond, we can install gas fireplaces, ovens stoves and perform qualified gas pipe repairs!

HELP!!! The Gas Company Cut Off My Gas!

Has the gas company cut your gas off due to a leak, fire, or code issues? Do you need a pressure test, or gas line certification to get your gas turned on? We can help get your gas turned on quickly! Call Gas Monkey, LLC today!

Pool & Hot Tub Installation »

A certified gas fitter should install your hot tub or pool. For clients who already own a hot tub, the benefits are known. Hydrotherapy, comfort, and togetherness with the people you love are all wonderful aspects of hot tub ownership. Thus, it will be important for customers to know who to call when the hot tub heater falls into disrepair. The qualified gas-fitting experts at Gas Monkey Gas Piping understand just how pivotal it is for our clients to receive quality gas repairs and…

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Gas Pool Heaters »

Gas pool heaters are mechanisms that are crucial for maintaining comfortable temperatures for pools and hot tubs. Propelled by either natural gas or propane, gas pool heaters help to filter pool water to generate heat. Selecting a gas pool heater is an ideal choice for pool owners seeking greater efficiency and increased benefits for their pools. Our experts can determine the proper size and specifications needed for your swimming pool to ensure optimal heating performance.

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standby generators gas line install »

Few homeowners realize the value and importance of having a standby generator until it’s needed. When you invest in this, you invest in the safety of your home in the event of unfortunate circumstances. At Gas Monkey, LLC we can install the gas lines needed to incorporate a permanent standby generator for your residence.

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