Outdoor Kitchen Installations

Few home features are finer than an outdoor kitchen. Outdoor kitchens help make the ability for homeowners to enjoy the privacy of their backyard while preparing delicious food. Dinner parties, summer celebrations, and weekends are appreciated. This appreciation is increased by the ability to enjoy that hamburger or skewer in the sanctity of an outdoor kitchen. Our certified gas-fitters know how to make this elaborate dream a reality. With many years of experience and knowledge to support our gas-related assertions, we are able to appropriately define what is possible and what is not.

The benefits of having an outdoor kitchen space are varied. some include:

Entertainment space, increased home value, expanded living areas, and many other benefits.

The experts at
Gas Monkey, LLC understand very well the necessity of having a strategic plan for the execution of outdoor kitchen installation. That’s why we advise residents to consult with us on how to direct their gas supply to the appropriate location for their outdoor kitchen layout. We also provide gas line repair and fire pit installation.

Gas Grills

Is there ever a good time to run out of propane for your grill? Let us hook your grill up to your whole home propane system, or convert your grill to natural gas and connect it to the gas company's gas line!

Gas Fire Pits

Increase the beauty and functionality of your outdoor entertainment with a luxurious gas fire pit!

Food Truck Gas Appliances

Gas Monkey offers a wide range of gas services for food trucks and food trailers. Our experienced team provides food truck gas hook ups and service for food truck gas equipment. We can also arrange fire marshal inspections for your food truck to ensure your gas appliances meet the local and state safety requirements. Propane hook up for a food truck or food trailer should only be done by a licensed professional. So contact us today for all of your food truck and food trailer gas appliance needs!