• Preventative Services

    Maintenance, scheduled upkeep, and more.


A large precentage of gas lines will leak sooner or later. When it comes to gas leaks, the sooner a leak is detected and repaired, the better. Gas Monkey, LLC recommends you have every gas joint, gas connection, and appliances checked for leaks at least once per year. Please contact us today to set up your gas system maintenance appointment!

Pipe Rust Protection (painting commercial pipe) - Special coatings and paints can provide protection from corrosion and rust. Metal piping is prone to oxidize and accumulate rust and corrosive break-down. We specialize in helping prevent this issue.

Corroded Pipe Replacement - diagnosing and replacing corroded pipes early can prevent FURTHER breakdown and malfunction. Finding a corroded pipe and taking care of it early, can prevent leaks, and we know exactly how to replace corroded pipes, and the signs of early corrosion to look for.

Leak Detection - leaks vary in size and location in your gas piping systems. Detecting them early, and taking care of them efficiently with proper service is imperative when it comes to preventative maintenance. Contact us today if you suspect a leak in your system.