Appliance Gas Line Installation

Whether it's brand-new appliances you've purchased for your home, or perhaps you've decided to upgrade your gas stove. Many homeowners attempt to install gas appliances on their own. However, major gas appliances are not as simple as other appliances you may have installed. Improperly installed gas appliances can pose as a serious hazard.

Here at
Gas Monkey, LLC - We are the experts on handling gas appliance installation for you. In addition to safety, there exists many reasons to hire a professional team when you're installing a major appliance. Optimized performance, Avoidance of injury, and delivery and disposal are all great reasons to hire a pro for installation. Some of the services we regularly provide are:

Garbage disposal installation, professional pressure tank installation, Water heater installation and much more.

Natural gas line installation for your appliances is available to numerous homes and businesses throughout Alabama. These gas appliances provide energy-efficient and powerful ways to operate a number of residential and commercial appliances. Gas-powered furnaces and boilers are among the most effective types of heating systems. Gas ovens making cooking easier, quicker, and less costly. Gas power can even extend to providing energy efficient power to washers, dryers, fireplaces, - giving you up-to-date luxury for your appliances without the mess of high electricity costs, or wood-burning furnaces or fireplaces.

Cooktops & Griddles

Tired of waiting what seems like an eternity for your pots and pans to heat up on your electric stove? Maybe it's time to convert to gas!

Whether you're converting from an electric stove to a gas stove, propane stove to a natural gas stove, natural gas stove to a propane stove, or you just need a new gas stove installed... give
Gas Monkey, LLC a call and get the job done quickly and efficiently by a licensed Master Gas Fitter.

Commercial Gas Piping & Cooking Equipment

Are you building a restaurant? Maybe you're just adding some gas cooking equipment, a gas water heater, or some gas heating to an existing restaurant or commercial building. Let us help! Call Gas Monkey, LLC today.

Water Heaters

Need a new gas water heater or natural gas water heater? Thinking about converting from an electric to a gas water heater? We can assist with hot water heaters as well as tankless water heaters. Give Gas Monkey, LLC a call today!

Gas Log Fireplace

Fewer things add more luxury to a home than a stunning gas fireplace. At Gas Monkey, LLC in Huntsville, AL, we can install and maintain your gas fireplace with ease. When considering an addition to your home, gas fireplaces are ideal is more ways than one because they require such low maintenance for homeowners. Unlike traditional wood-burning fireplaces that require firewood and a lot of cleaning and work, gas fireplaces are operated by the click of a button and do not get untidy in comparison. Also, another benefit to a gas log fireplace is enjoying lower home insurance expenses!

Gas Furnace Installations

Leave it to the expert team at Gas Monkey, LLC to install a new gas furnace for your home or business.

Gas Dryer

Need a new gas dryer installed? Don't get taken to the cleaners - Call Gas Monkey, LLC!

Whether you need a new gas dryer or you're converting from electric dryer to gas dryer, we can get the job done quickly & efficiently. We can also install a new dryer vent if needed. Give Gas Monkey Gas Piping a call today!

Food Trucks

Gas Monkey offers food truck gas services you can trust. We can expertly provide food truck gas hook ups and service for all types of food trucks and trailers. Additionally, we can arrange fire marshal inspections for your food truck to ensure your gas appliances meet the local and state safety requirements, as well as provide food truck propane line inspections. For all of your food truck propane hook up needs, we're here for you! Contact us today for all of your food truck gas appliance needs!