• Gas Line Repairs

    With Gas Monkey, LLC


Do you have a natural gas leak, or propane gas leak? Has the gas company turned off the gas to your home or business? Call Gas Monkey, LLC. We understand the importance of keeping your home safe. It's important you call professionals when it comes to the gas in your home. We are master gas fitters that can get the job done. You can always rest assured that when you use your stove or any gas appliance in your home, that it will properly function. For the Huntsville, AL area, we make fast and efficient gas pipe repairs so that your home is safe and operational at all times. Beyond obvious reasons like gas leaks, there are many other factors that could contribute to a homeowner needing gas line repair services. One being aging gas lines. Overtime, gas pipes can develop corrosion which requires attention.

Take a look below to see a more in-depth look at our gas line services.

Gas Stove Installation & Repair

Nothing quite beats the efficiency of a gas stove and most great chefs will agree. Providing an overall better cooking experience, gas stoves allow for a more even temperature and require much less energy than electric stoves. With Gas Monkey, LLC we make the installation of your gas stove just as easy and efficient. Well-versed in the arena of gas-fitting, our experts have years of experience installing gas stoves as well as performing repair work. Common gas stove problems many homeowners experience include surface burners not lighting, weak burner flames, gas odors and more. For all of the following gas stove repairs, we have you covered.

Hardscape Gas Line Installation & Repair

Fewer things say luxury quite like an outdoor fire pit. But if you want something truly elevated, a gas fire pit is the way to go. Easy to maintain and utilize, gas fire pits allow for the optimal outdoor entertainment experience so you and your guests can enjoy the warmth of a fire without all the work. If this sounds appealing, the team at Gas Monkey, LLC can perform any type of gas fire installations you have in mind. From chimney style gas fireplaces to outdoor kitchens, our master gas-fitters can bring your vision to life.

Gas Leak Repair & Detection

With gas lines being vital components to any household connecting to appliances that add comfort to our daily lives, it's important to ensure they are performing correctly. If you suspect you may have a gas line leak, calling in the professionals is a must. Going unnoticed for too long can result in corroded gas lines which makes them more susceptible to cracks and breaks. Not only that, but you see an increase in your bill and even physical symptoms like headaches and dizziness. Don't let your home become a hazard; let our team effectively detect and repair gas leaks.

Gas Lock Off/Pressure Test

Testing and evaluating the pressure of your gas-operated appliances and equipment is necessary for a few reasons. When gas pressure levels are not stable, it can cause damage to gas lines, your home, and equipment. Not too mention increased bills and inefficiency. The team at Gas Monkey, LLC can test your gas pressure and install a gas meter lock that is specifically designed to close off the flow of gas completely.